About KBN

Kingdom Business Networking Alliance

What is the KBN Alliance all about?

The KBN Alliance endeavors to create a space where Christian Business owners can showcase their companies, network and be inspired by gifted speakers. We do business in a relational way, which means we transact on the basis of strong relationships.With Jesus at our center, we strive for a culture of honor, encouragement, excellence and ethics.

This is not a typical networking event but a structured business meeting, with a purpose, where Christian business owners can be encouraged, inspired and equipped on how to do business with a Kingdom mindset. We have a three sided networking approach for kingdom business owners that creates and fosters connections that benefits their businesses, the community and the next generation of business leaders.

We promote and celebrate excellence in the business arena while developing leaders through Christian values, disciplines, honor,integrity and expression of skills.

Mission – Grow, Encourage, Inspire, Ignite & Equip

  • To grow, equip and encourage Christian business owners
  • To extend God’s Kingdom by using our unique marketplace gifting to bring finances into our local churches and communities
  • To give exposure to each member’s product or service so that we can support and refer business to one another
  • To create a culture of excellence, accountability and integrity in Business

Code Of Conduct:

  • I will operate my business with honesty and integrity.
  • I will participate and regularly attend the KBN meetings. I will RSVP for meetingsĀ  and communicate if plans change and I am unable to make the monthly meeting.
  • I will honor my commitment and word to others in the group.
  • I will extend grace to a fellow KBN Alliance member who makes a mistake and extend a hand to help them up again.
  • I will be open and teachable to others’ counsel and advice when I make a mistake or overstep a boundary.
  • I will seek to support and refer my fellow KBN Alliance members.
  • I will hold myself accountable to KBN for the way I conduct my business and my relationships I form through the meetings.
  • I will endeavor to grow the network group by sharing my experience with others and by inviting my business acquaintances to the meetings.
  • I will endeavor to shine my light and bring glory to God in my personal and business capacity.

As Kingdom businesses flourish, local communities and churches will be strengthened. God’s Kingdom will be established. We invite and encourage all faith based business’s in the church and community to partner with the KBN Alliance.

For more information about membership, and to receive our monthly networking and newsletter invite, please contact us at info@kbnalliance.org

Join a Networking alliance that is serious about Business and keeping Christ as our center and foundation.