KBN Rules of Decorum

Kingdom Business Networking Alliance


We hope you join KBNA to empower your business relationships,  friendships, to share your Faith, your integrity, your values and to improve your ability to share, give and receive referrals, so that each member grows personally and professionally.

These are the guidelines of conduct for KBN Alliance membership and meetings:

  1. We start our meeting at 7:30 AM sharp the first Wednesday of each month.  We recommend you arrive about 7:15 AM to maximize your networking opportunities.
  2. Attendance is critical. The more attendance we have the higher the value for all of us. Substitutes representing your business are allowed and recommended.
  3. Relationships, Faith and Networking are the reason KBN works and each is critical to our success.
  4. We “ring the bell” at 8:45 AM to end the business meeting and begin our networking.
  5. Please turn off or silence your cell phones and end all side conversations. Respect given will be returned.
  6. Each formal meeting begins and ends with a prayer.
  7. It is very important that you do a great job on any and all referrals in a timely manner. The member that gave you the referral will be eager to hear how quickly and how well you responded. They will learn from the person they referred to you that you and your business are trustworthy and this will impact your business and your membership.
  8. We encourage sensitivity in cases of conflict of interest. A good example… “I can’t refer you to the plumber, because my Dad is a plumber”.
  9. There is a list of members and the categories they represent on our website.
  10. Facebook – Members gain access to our private FB group. We also invite you to engage with us on our KBN Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/kbnalliance1). Members are also encouraged to post your announcements, specials and events on our public page.
  11. We recommend a “One on One” meeting as the best way to get to know members personally. It can be a 30 minute or longer meeting, any time you and other members can get together. Instead of waiting for someone to call you, call and ask if they would meet with you for a “One on One” over coffee or lunch. This gives you a chance to get to know more about them and for them to know more about your life, family, hobbies and what you are passionate about. We prefer to do business with people we know and trust because of common ground. In the beginning you might choose do several each week to get to know the group more quickly.
  12. Good referral practices: Always give complete and accurate contact information. Be sure to follow up on any promised referrals. Thank members for referring business to you. Growing our business comes from relationships, not just membership, so give people time to get to know you.
  13. Each member gives a mini presentation each week that lasts 1 minute or less, as determined by the leadership team. This is your chance to tell the group who you are, what you offer and what kind of referral you are seeking. Members will be listening very closely to learn exactly what you do. Keep it short and very clear as you teach us what you do in a clear and concise way so we can explain it to others.

60 Second Introduction Example:

“My name is ____________________________________________. My company is ___________________________________________________. I/ We offer _____________________________________. This week I’m looking for (my ideal client or referral) is ___________________________________________________________________”

Please do not use this introduction time to make event announcements as there will be a selected time to do that after our guest speaker presents.

When you give first – you gain so much more…